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There are many artist that have the potential to be great, but they the lack lyrical flow and originality. The art of Lupe fiasco is not one of them. The way the game changed because of Lupe Fiasco also known as Wasalu Muhammad Jaco is amazing. His music, biography, career development and legacy are all great things. Lupe Fiasco by definition is a hip hop and rap artist. He is able to record both types of music. Although Lupe Fiasco is known for his solo career he has been in bands. The bands names are Japanese Cartoon and Child Rebel Solider. Lupe was influenced by many household names of rap and hip hop; names like Jay Z, Nas, and Mos Def . Fiasco was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 16 1,981. He was the fifth of a large family totaling nine kids. Fiascos’ father was involved in politics. He was brought up with a strong political view. According to Fiasco himself “He explained that his father's political activism and involvement with the Black Panther party shaped his lyrics and socially conscious message”. His father was also a drummer. His mom was a gourmet chef. When he first got into rap the genre that was trending was gangster rap. Fiasco was not intrigued by the style…show more content…
Lupe also inspired others to become artist themselves. I believe that Lupe fiasco is one of the greatest artist of his time. While other artist are rapping about money and women. Fiasco is rapping about ending hunger in the world. He rapping about heart break. Lupe is a real rapper. When I say real rapper I mean that he has that lyrical flow and originality. . People can relate to his music in all kinds of ways because his music is an image of others struggles .A lot of artist lack that but Fiasco does not. Lupe Fiasco is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Fiasco is not afraid of anyone. His music is great and original. Lupe is the definition of a self-made artist. He is very humble and

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