Lup Medrano Character Analysis

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It’s not easy to be a good leader, but Lupe Medrano is, and she’s great one too. In the story The Marble Champ by Gary Soto, Lupe is a very talented girl. She has a gratifying amount awards and medals for mental contests like writing and reading. Though she is smart she is destined to be athletic as well, Lupe shows a great number of reason to show what a great leader is like. These are some of the reasons why Lupe Medrano is a excellent leader one is because she is determined, another is she’s a hard worker, and all above, she is intelligent. As my first reason why she is a leader is Lupe is determined. One example is when she sets her mind to something she doesn't give up until she has tried her hardest and couldn't go any more. She shows this in the story “She begged her body to move faster”. For another example she tried many sports to try and find the sport she really likes and is good at, baseball, running, biking, swimming and soccer are a few. This last but not final reason is she didn’t do her homework when she got home, she went straight to practicing. She didn’t even stop for a meal, all she ate the hours practicing was a candy bar. This to me would have to take a lot focus and willingness. This proves that…show more content…
As to show she is a straight A student which to me seems to take a lot of hard work, and Lupe has only missed one day elementary school. Additionally, after she found out she could play marbles, she practiced up to three hours at a time. Along with practicing for hours at a time she practiced shooting, squeezed an eraser, and did finger push ups. “One, two, three…” she groaned.” From this evidence I can tell how hard she worked, and she probably did this every day. This evidence shows that Lupe is a hard worker because she is a straight A student, practices for hours, and works on hard
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