Lupe Medrano: Hard Work

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**What is a role model? A person whose behavior,example,or success is imitated by others. In the story ¨The marble champ¨ by Gary Soto,Lupe Medrano is a role model. She is a role model because she is a hard worker,she is determined, and she is intelligent. To introduce,The first reason why Lupe Medrano is a role model is because she is a hard worker. To begin with, Lupe Practices everyday for the marble championship contest. In the story it states that ¨She tried and tried again¨. In addition, in school, she is a straight- A student. Another example of that she is a hard worker is that she did ¨20 push ups on her fingertips¨. Doing 20 push up on your fingertips is very rough. This proves that Lupe is a hard worker because she tried with all
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