Lupus Sociology

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Perception and Coping among Women Living with Lupus

In a qualitative study done by Baker JA and Wiginton K, a convenience sample of thirty eight women volunteers from a Lupus support group were interviewed and also given questionnaires based on their perception and management of Lupus. The goal of this study was to identify the different representations of Lupus made by women and to evaluate the impact the illness has on their self management. Baker and Wiginton came to the conclusion that the more the women knew and understand Lupus, the more they were able to manage living their lives with Lupus.

The role of patient attachment and working alliance on patient adherence, satisfaction, and health-related quality of life in lupus treatment
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These women were recruited from online Lupus support groups and are told to submit their experiences of when they were first diagnosed. There was also an analysis based on a demographic questionnaire, medication inventory, and treatment appointments. Meldenson came to the conclusion that during the liminal stage of Lupus, women are not given an exact diagnosis which causes confusion, lack of support, and depression amongst the women.
Managing a Medically and Socially Complex Life: Women Living With Lupus
Lupus patients have a difficult time with incorporating Lupus into their lives. Cindy Meldenson’s qualitative study was used to observe how women manage living with Lupus. Meldenson uses the ethnographic approach in which she took two different samples and compared how they managed with living with Lupus. Sample one was drawn from the local community and were diagnosed within a year of symptom recognition. Sample two were drawn from the internet and described a frustrating process of diagnosis. Each sample went through many life changes after being diagnosed and had to learn how to cope with it.
Confidence in Medical Care Linked to Depression in Lupus
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