Lush Cosmetics Case Study

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Lush Cosmetics’ Branding Design and its Impact on the Brand Equity in Japan
Background Information Brand identity is the combined message that a business transmits to its audience through its logo, brand name and visuals. It is the larger and distinctive visual look that an organization is associated with. Once the process of designing a logo has been completed, the finished design can then be applied to a number of applications for instance letterheads, packaging materials and advertisements among others. However, this is only rubberstamping a logo, and does not necessarily translate to a fully developed brand identity. An effective or functional brand identity should be recognized even without the presence of a logo. While the logo and other
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It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful”. According to Aaker (1991 pp. 34-55), the term brand is more difficult to define. He explained that it incorporates the logo and entire visual aspect. In addition to this, other aspects which are not strictly within the limits of design and physical appearance are incorporated in the brand. These include the product story, messaging and the content input. Other aspects include client experiences, customer service and reputation. In some instances, the word brand is summarized to refer to an abstract idea of a promise (Aaker, 2009, pp. 97). The connection between the two is that through brand identity design, the brand endeavors to clearly communicate with its target…show more content…
In line with the requirements of the logo, visuals, brand name, brand identity and product, a brand designer must consider their target audience while coming up with a brand design. Often, brand designers overlook emotion as a component of their designs, assuming that the end product comes as a package while in reality the message to be conveyed carries the weight (Lee,Yao, Mizerski and Lamber 2015, pp. 74-78). The research by Burger (2012, pp. 39-41) reinforced this by stating that choosing a name that conveys the intended message goes hand in hand with brand design. Brand design determines identity of the corporation and consists of an array of accessories that the corporation requires for visual communication. These include packaging materials, flyers, brochures, paper and business

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