Lusitania Research Paper

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This is not the first time our nation experienced a great depression and betrayal from a nation that we considered as a companion prior to our recent shameful event. Above the sea in Europe, Germans threw away innocent citizens of United States and England into a cold, deep sea without a reasonable and unexplainable reason. This is the story that we should remember and think back again.

An enormous, gorgeous, and advanced civilian ocean liner that was 787 feet long and could carry 2198 passengers unveiled its mighty wonder on June 7th, 1906. This British ocean liner surprised the entire world for its appearance and its newest technology such as wireless telegram, electric light with turbine engine. However, this ocean liner has collapsed during the middle of its journey at 2:12 PM on May 7th 1915. Lusitania was heading from Liverpool, United Kingdom to New York, United States with 1959 passengers and tons of cargoes. While it was passing through Celtic Sea, located near Ireland, a German U-Boat submarine detects Lusitania crossing their self-claimed blockade border from England, and torpedoed the ocean liner.
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“It appears as if the ship were going to capsize very shortly. Great confusion is rife on board; the boats are made ready and some of them lowered into the water. In connection therewith great panic must have reigned.”

It brutally killed 1198 people, including 128 Americans, and it only took 18 minutes for Germans to finish the killings on the massacre, only leaving 761 survivors behind. The lost souls never returned back from the deep
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