Lust By Susan Minot Summary

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In the short story “Lust”, by Susan Minot, the author argues the differences between male and female sexual fluidity and the objectifications of the female body in a patriarchal system that favors male dominance. The intimate yet disconnected stories of the narrator and her male counterparts emulate a level of misguidance and disturbance between the participants involved. The young men are mentioned and described briefly, with specifications to their behavior and treatment of the narrator. Minot’s expositions reflect many moral and cultural issues that have emerged within mainstream media concerning sexual assault and blatant misogyny towards women. Similarly, in the USATODAY article, “Rose McGowan: It 's time everyone 'shut up and listen”, written by Alia E. Dastagir, the author details the experiences of women who have been sexually objectified and who are presently involved within the #MeToo movement. As well as specifies the sexual abuse of actress Rose McGowan’s and her decision to break her silence and willingly share her experience about her sexual assault perpetrated by her sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein. This paper will compare Minot’s short story and the relation it has to the emotional stories carried by women such as Rose McGowan, who too suffer from sexually abused experiences. The textual evidence gathered will explore how the story of the narrator in “Lust”, bridges a connection through the cries of sexually exploited women within the #MeToo movement and
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