Lust In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet: How love becomes lust due to a misunderstanding

Although the play of Romeo and Juliet is considered one of the greatest love stories of all time, it is mostly just love being mistaken for lust. There is love, but it is in places where you generally would not notice, and there is not much of it. For example, you only find romantic love between Romeo and Juliet once, and it is one sided. The rest of what happens between them is lust. There is other examples of love between other minor characters. You can find romantic love and familial love, but when you come across it, it may surprise you.

Romeo does not have many loving relationships, even though he has many friends and family. One example of love is between him and Mercutio. Romeo and Mercutio are best friends. Because best friends spend so much time together, they can sometimes develop a familial love. Romeo and Mercutio did, and it especially shows in act 3, scene 1 of the play. Here, Mercutio and another character who are in a dispute are about to draw their swords and fight. Romeo steps in between them in order to try and stop them. One would have to be brave enough to step between the two greatest swordsmen of Verona, or
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If he really didn't care for her, he would not risk his life to go back to see a girl who he had known for about a week. On the way, he buys a potion that would kill him if he drank it. With it sitting in his pocket, he rides for hours on hours, pondering if he should actually drink it. At the end, he does decide to drink it. "Here's to my love... Thus with a kiss I die”, he says as the life fades from him. Again, you don't just take your life away for a girl you met a week ago who is part of a family that you were brought up hating unless you love
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