Luv's Diapers Research Paper

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Huggies or Luv’s I was walking through the baby section at Wal-mart and it brought back memories of the last two summers with my two year old twin niece Bailey and nephew Dakota. I keep Bailey and Dakota during the summer because they live two hours away and I don’t get to see them very often. Bailey and Dakota are hyper and very energetic. They like to run like wild banshees when allowed to play outside. Dakota loves playing in the mud, dirt, and sand with his trucks. Bailey will run in circles, do summersaults, and loves to swing and slide, but doesn’t like the dirty play, such as playing in the dirt and mud. While they stay with me I purchase their diapers, so I have chosen two different brands Huggies and Luv’s to compare. I like Huggies…show more content…
Bailey has sensitive skin and will break out from even from the texture of a diaper. Luv’s diapers are rough like sandpaper on the outside and when the diaper has been worn for a little while the diaper sags and rubs her chubby legs. The diaper will cause rash and irritation if not changed promptly. The inside of the Luv’s diapers are soft and have a gentle baby scent but also the scent would likely cause her to break out and have a rash for up to a week at a time, but has cute little purple monkeys design that is kid friendly. Huggies diapers are soft as a fleece blanket on the outside and have a cute colorful baby Winnie the Pooh or baby Mickey Mouse design. The inside of the diaper is soft and doesn’t have a scent. Huggies diapers are absolutely the best diaper ever made and I will continue to depend on them till my niece and nephew aren’t using them any longer. Comparing these two brands Luv’s and Huggies, has made me realize how much I really like Huggies. I choose Huggies because of their price, durability, and comfort. Dakota can play with his trucks, make mud pies, and splash around in the rain puddles and continue wearing his Huggies diaper longer than if he was wearing a Luv’s diaper. Bailey can run wild, do as many summersaults as she wants, and play on the swing-set without being bothered to have her diaper changed as often. Huggies has made my life
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