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Thomas Lux is the poet writer of “The Voice You Hear When You Read Silently”. In “The Voice You Hear When You Read Silently” it is a poem that speaks about the inner voices that you hear when you are reading then it gets into about the words that you remember can trace back memories. Throughout this poem Lux demonstrated tone, figure of speech, theme and imagery. When Lux wrote this poem, he wanted his audience to understand the tone of voice that he was speaking. Lux had two tones that he was speaking in. For one, in the beginning Lux was speaking in a formal tone because in the poem he used “you” and “your”. When “you “and “your” is begin used in a context the writer is talking directly to the readers and trying catch his or her attention. When Lux used those words, he wants to get a connection with his audience and make it seem interesting for them to read. Then Lux tone transition into a heart rendering feeling because he showed be describe how words can have a different meaning to other people. “the word “barn” that the writer wrote, but the “barn” you say is a barn you know or knew” (Line 16-19). The purpose of Lux is stating that because he is comparing the two emotions that it has. When someone knows of something it is during that present moment and it is their first time witnessing it but when someone has already known about it and seen it already, it is not surprising to them. Throughout the poem Lux used different type of tones for his readers to understand the
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