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The quote “Circumstances are beyond the control of man but his conduct is within his own power” means that individuals cannot control what situations occur in their life but they can control how they handle and react to the situation. In the novel Lyddie, Lyddie is the young thirteen-year-old girl that takes on the responsibility of the adult role in her family and life. As the adult, Lyddie is confronted with many difficult situations in her life that the average adolescent does not have to face. For example, Judah brings Rachel to Lyddie. As a result, Lyddie’s life is turned upside down as she has to take care of her little sister Rachel, while she is working in the factory. As stated in the novel it says, “Please let her stay. I’ll get…show more content…
Despite the money it took from Lyddie’s savings, Lyddie must be responsible and care for her frail and weak little sister because she is essentially the ‘mother’ in the family. As shown, even though the arrival of Rachel was unanticipated and overwhelming to Lyddie, she must react to the situation as a mature adult and take control of the situation. Another example that shows how the quote relates to Lyddie is when the machines were speeded up. According to the novel it says, “No matter how fast the machines speeded up. Lyddie was somehow able to keep pace. She never wasted energy worrying or complaining.” This demonstrates that Lyddie was able to keep up with the pace of the machines. “Some of the girls had no sooner come back from their summer holidays than they went home again. They could not keep up the pace.” (89) Many girls left because the speed of the machines was too quick to weave any decent cloth. However, it was remarkable that Lyddie was able to turn a dreadful event into a beneficial situation. Lyddie was earning more money than ever with the machines speeded up. While others were complaining and panicking about the speed-up, Lyddie worked
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