Lyddie Petition

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People make decisions everyday, but sometimes there are hard decisions that could change our lives forever. In the book Lyddie by Katherine Patterson a girl named Lyddie that lived during the Industrial Revolution worked in a mill in Lowell. Lyddie worked in some pretty bad working conditions and workers wanted better working conditions so they started a petition. Lyddie is wondering if she should sign the petition, but if she does she could get fired and lose the money that she needs for the dept on the farm back home, and also maybe if she signs it that may help in getting better working conditions. While there are reasons Lyddie should not sign the petition, there are more reasons why Lyddie should sign the petition for better hours and wages, and also for a better working environment. One reason Lyddie should sign the petition is for better hours and wages. One example was one day at the mill Lyddie was telling herself “She needed the money. She had to have the money” (89). In this part of the book Lyddie is working on four looms just to earn a little bit of money. For all the hard work she is doing she needs more money and signing the petition may help in doing so. Another example is at the boarding house when Lyddie noticed that “She was too tired now to copy out a page of Oliver to paste to her loom” (98). In this part of the book Lyddie is too tired from the long days working in the mill to even copy out a page of her book. One more example
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