How Did Lydia Darragh Influence The Revolutionary War

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Lydia Barrington Darragh

She told the guards she needed to get flour, but she really was trying to find a way to warn George Washington. She couldn 't get caught but at least if she was caught her family would be safe. She was on her own. Her name was Lydia Barrington Darragh. She was born in 1729, the specific day was unknown, in Ireland. She lived in Philadelphia as an adult. Lydia was an average colonial woman until the British soldiers made their base across the street. She had light colored hair, blue eyes, and she looked neat and slender. She was loyal to her country and she didn 't let her religion stop her from helping others. Lydia was also part of the Monthly Meetings of Friends of Philadelphia in the Arch Street Meeting House. Lydia was born in Dublin, Ireland. Ireland was poorer at that time because of the Penal Era
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She did what she thought was right. Because she didn 't want her family to get into harm 's way, she acted alone. I agree that Lydia Darragh was an influence in the Revolutionary War because if she didn 't warn General George Washington about the surprise attack, General George Washington and his troops would very possibly be killed by the British attack. These are 5 questions I would ask Lydia Darragh if I could: How did you deliver the British plans, did you tell an American soldier you met on the road or did you give the plans hidden in a needle book to an American soldier you met in a tavern? How did you feel like when you were eavesdropping on the British soldiers meeting in your house? What did you feel like when the British soldier base moved to across the street? What did you feel like when they demanded you to leave your house? What was your thoughts when you found out that one of the British soldiers was your second-generation cousin and so he let you stay in your house? What was your life like in
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