Lydia Tanner: A World Of Green Wagons

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Lydia Tanner Mr. Schenk Writing 1 16.11.2017 Looking Back Every adult, man or woman, of any race, can recall an event in their childhood when they wanted a possession of another person. Lydia Tanner, one of the best authors the world has ever known, uses her story A World of Green Wagons, to portray her idea that covetousness only brings out the worst in people. In her story, she compares her childhood experiences to her life as a teenager and to that of a businessman. As a result she proves no matter which stage in life, people still desire things that do not belong to them. Lydia Tanner expresses herself to convey her point to her readers vigorously by entertaining them. She does this by implementing dialogue, humor, and giving relatable examples throughout her essay.…show more content…
Vivid conversing, or dispution among two or more individuals thrills an audience and has for thousands of years. For instance, theatre has charmed viewers for centuries. People would pay money, sit uncomfortably on stone steps for hours only to watch an ordinary group of people speak about their problems. Likewise, Lydia inserts snippets of discussion between a mother and her daughter to capture the viewer 's attention. “Mom, I want that wagon!” Here we see that the author uses a hyperbole to emphasise the drama and the childness of the statement. Another example of dialogue that uses quality diction to demonstrate her point was when her mother asks,” What’s the matter with your own wagon?” As the mother continues speaking, the readers understand that this was intended to be a rhetorical question. By implementing, literary devices, Miss Tanner intrigues her readers and hence makes them continue to crave to
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