Lyme Disease Case Study Essay

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My best diagnosis of this case from what the patient is presenting is Lyme disease. Here is how I came to that diagnosis, the doctor observes a circular bull’s eye rash approximately 5 inches in diameter, she was in infected wildlife area for 3 weeks and she stated to being bitten by flies, mosquitoes, and ticks, fatigued and tender joints discomfort. She also stated that she was in the wildlife for the month in May and June. Physical exam came up with fever, stiff joints, and neck, irregular heartbeat. The features that are critical to my diagnosis are that she was in wildlife for 3 weeks were ticks, mosquitoes and files are infested, bright red bull’s eye rash, flu-like symptoms (fever, fatigue, body ache- joints, headache), and neurologic issues like stiff neck and most of all the irregular heartbeat. All these are major concerns if they are not taking care of, some of the symptoms will evidentially go way by themselves in few weeks to a couple of months. The other symptoms can cause major damage…show more content…
“Some affected people develop inflammation of the heart (myocarditis) and other heart problems. This may cause symptoms such as dizziness, breathlessness, chest pain and a feeling that your heart is beating in a fast, irregular way (palpitations).” “Joint problems in one or more joints. They most commonly affect the knee joint. The severity of joint problems can range from episodes of mild joint pains to severe joint inflammation (arthritis) causing a lot of pain. Episodes of joint inflammation last, on average, three months. Joint problems caused by Lyme disease are more common where the infection has been caught in the USA and less common if it has been caught in Europe.” “This may develop months to years after infection. It may develop after a period of not having any symptoms. A whole range of symptoms has been described in joints, skin, nerves, brain and

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