Breast Cancer: A Case Study

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INTRODUCTION Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women (WHO, 2013). A growing number of patients with breast cancer at medical institutions experience more problems related to treatment methods and side effects of the early and the late postoperative stages. To reduce physical and psychological discomfort during the treatment physiotherapists are required to be qualified and to have specific theoretical and practical knowledge about these patients treatment. According to “Lithuanian Cancer Registry” data in 2011 of all malignant tumors 18 % were diagnosed as breast cancer. In addition to this, 1541 new breast cancer cases were diagnosed, morbidity was 72,3 per 100000 women. The average morbidity of breast cancer in other world countries…show more content…
Lymphedema after mastectomy usually occur in an upper limb where the lymph nodes were removed. Effective treatment for lymphedema is available. Early diagnosis is important since treatment is most effective when lymphedema is diagnosed at the earliest stage (Bernas M.,2010). Every patient with lymphedema should have access to established effective treatment for this condition. Lymphedema has no cure but can be successfully managed when properly diagnosed and treated…show more content…
K-tape had been designed to allow 30-40% longitudinal stretch. It is composed of 100% cotton fibers and acrylic heat sensitive glue. Development of the technique for its administration is still ongoing. Dr. Kase claimed that applying KT would have physiological effects including decreasing pain or abnormal sensation, supporting the movement of muscles, removing congestion of lymphatic fluid under the skin, and correcting misalignment of joints. After applying the K-tape, the taped area will form convolutions to increase the space between the skin and muscles. Once the skin is lifted, the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid is promoted (Kase K, 2003). Another advantage is that a patient can take a shower without taking the tape off since it is waterproof. Patients can wear it for 1 to 3 days and even longer if it is applied on the back or buttock area. Many practitioners use it in clinical practice in Poland, and it has a beneficial effect. However, there is insufficient evidence for its clinical effects on lymphedema limbs (Taradaj O, et al., 2014).


Breast cancer cases increased worldwide in the last years. Breast cancer-related lymphedema is one of the complications resulting from treatment. In this summary were mentioned the most popular techniques for lymphedema treatment. According to the data, the most beneficial is Complete Decongestive therapy (CDT) because it is

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