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As time progresses, the topic of a psychopath has become increasingly evident in society. A psychopath is a non-empathetic individual, who is incapable of feeling guilt or remorse. When an individual thinks of a psychopath, they naturally envision fictional portrayals of such person such as in the films “Silence of the Lambs” and “American Psycho”. However, many few individuals grasp the concept that an individual who has psychopathy suffers from a rare chronic neurological disorder with very abnormal social behavior, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. Countless psychologist in collaboration with neurologist have conducted contemporary research focusing on the emotional, cognitive, and neural bases of a psychopathic
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In an article published in the journal of psychological perspectives titled “The Psychopath: What’s Love Got to Do with It?” by Lyn Crowan, she studies the characteristics of psychopaths and how the “nurture” aspect is greatly influenced in the making of a one. Furthermore, Crowan describes these individuals as “missing something essential at the core: the capacity to relate to other human beings empathetically.” (Crowan, 2014). Moreover, in the article Crowan presents 16 psychopathic personality criteria which is used by clinical psychologist to diagnose psychopathy. In her study, Crowan observed abused individuals described that about 80% of 21 year olds who were abused as children and perceived violence in the household fit into some of the characteristics in Crowans psychopathic personality criteria. She states that many people who were abused or saw violence from an early age lack empathy, and “Without the presence of empathy there can be no true love, deep loyalty, shared experience of life, or sense of connection with oneself and the world.” (Crowan, 2014). As Crowan concluded, it is evident through her research that the negative experiences one perceives at an early age can be detrimental to ones…show more content…
In Fallon’s published journal titled “They Psychopath Inside” describes how Fallon discovered he had the genetic makeup of a psychopath, and yet, is a successful scientist and a family man. Fallon first discovered his hidden psychopathy in 2006, it was not until 2010 were he took his psychopathic traits seriously. Growing up he had a fantastic relationship with his parents and siblings. Fallon states that “Although I made pipe bombs as a kid, and did some joy riding in stolen cars and broke into some liquor cabinets as an early teen, we always returned every piece of stolen property” (Fallon, 2013). In addition, Fallon describes how he was tested, and scored high on the traits associated with positive behavior within aggressive narcissism. Furthermore, Fallon states that though he resembles psychopathy, he was “showered with love” (Fallon, 2013), versus abuse or abandonment. He states that because of his fantastic childhood, it induced the effects of his “risk” genes. It is extraordinarily evident, as Fallon describes, that the nurture aspect plays an immense role in the way individuals come to

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