Lynda Shaffer: Southernization Analysis

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Lynda Shaffer has a theory called Southernization. Southernization is the theory that the non-West is enhanced by the ideas of the West through interaction and trade. Chinese inventions such as printing, gunpowder and the compass fundamentally changed Europe. The biggest result of the spread of ideas was the end of the Feudal System. Printing was introduced to Europe circa 13th century CE. Printing in Europe caused a Renaissance and the spread of classical humanism. Humanism is the focus on individual achievement thus leading to more educated humans. Printing encouraged the production of books and an increase in intellectual activity. Printing also lead to a Protestant Reformation in the 16th century CE. The Protestant Reformation was a challenge on Roman Catholic authority in Western Europe. This gave power to kings and political leaders, making Europe a stronger…show more content…
The contribution of printing from China was also used to print maps which increased navigation and imperialism. The introduction of gunpowder in Europe was used to blow up medieval castles and buildings. Gunpowder also gave Europe military power. This shifted Europe out of a dark age and Europe was able to catch up to the rest of the world. The compass was a very beneficial invention to Europe that ultimately caused to the Rise of the West. The compass brought about an accidental discovery of the Americas in 1492 by Columbus. This gave rise to the colonization of the Americas and Western European dominance. The compass was also used for the Portuguese and Spanish voyages which opened up the first “all-sea route” to ports of East Africa and Asia. Trade increased which made Italian city-states wealthy and lead to a spice trade. Without Chinese technology, the Rise of the West would not have been possible. Chinese technology contributed to the Rise of the West. Chinese inventions such as the compass, printing, gunpowder and many more are what made the Rise of the
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