Lyndhurst Placement Reflection

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My placement was at Toronto Rehab at the Lyndhurst location. I was placed in a seating clinic to work with neurological clients who either have a spinal cord injury, spina bifida, polio or general decline in function regarding their posture. I was assigned to work with Andree Gauthier; she has twelve years of experience when it comes to wheelchair seating and positioning. My placement started from March 6 to April 7 and my work hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm. From my previous intermediate placement, I had the opportunity to do an inventory of all mobility aides residents use at the LTC home. I was able to utilize my previous knowledge and applied my skills in the seating clinic. At the seating clinic, they provide wheelchair seating assessments for custom made backrest and cushion for the clients. Clients may also require specialized drive controls or have chronic postural and skin issues where past interventions have been unsuccessful. I had the opportunity to experience many learning opportunities at the seating clinic that will help me in my future practice as a health care professional.
During my first week at the clinic I was able to easily transition into the role of being an occupational therapy assistant. Since this is my pre-grad placement, I had no trouble doing manual
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I am lucky to have work with such a diverse group of people who treated me as a fellow worker rather than “just a student”. My placement helped my realize the value of occupational therapy and made me realize how much I appreciate OT practice. I learned to love occupational therapy because we help maximize the independence of a client to enhance their quality of life. Lyndhurst was able to provide many learning experiences for me to help prepare me for the working world. I am very excited to apply my new skills and hopefully become a great clinician just like my
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