Lyndon B Johnson Analysis

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I’m going to take you back in time when it was 1968. When the Detroit Tigers were the World Series champs. UCLA Men’s basketball won the NCAA basketball title truthfully starting their dynasty. The year that Martin Luther King Jr. Was assassinated, along with the senator of New York Bobby Kennedy. Hot wheels and silly putty were fresh to the market a hot Christmas gift at the time. Lyndon B Johnson was the president. This is a story of Shelley Mattson and the way she lived life in 1968 and how she viewed the things that went on. Her views on the Vietnam War, her views on black rights, how she saw the 60s and many more things of relevance in the year 1968. Shelley was 18 years old in 1968. Lived in Bloomington, Minnesota. At the time she was a white middle class…show more content…
She thought these people were crazy because they thought all of that over one poster and wouldn’t even give her mail to her. That’s how many people were against communism back than. When they first initiated the draft she knew a guy that got number three she was saying how upset he was because he knew if they went to war he’s going for sure. The war, she described it as a time where everyone came together, Black, white; Mexican it didn’t matter everyone of every race was going through something. She described how the draft work and the corruption she saw in it. She explained how you were eligible to be exempt from the draft and she thought the whole system for it was set up for only rich white Americans to be exempt. Her brother was selected for the draft but her family was involved in politics and her father was in the military and her dad just made a few calls and got him out of the mess. She also didn’t like how the college exempt worked “it only worked for people who have been enrolled in college since a certain
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