Lyndon B Johnson Civil Rights Speech Analysis

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America back then was torn by war and the fight of equal rights and liberties of the minorities. The situation delved deeper and deeper as the riots and protests increased. African Americans were worried about their future and their rights and liberties. Whites were concerned about how that change would bring about in the economic and social ways. It was then, when Lyndon B. Johnson rose and gave ideas on how to fix the current state of the United States, as it so desperately needed. Johnson would become one of the key leaders during the unrest of the United States when African Americans were demanding equal rights as the whites. He used many speeches to help convince the people and the people of congress that this change was needed desperately.…show more content…
He stated, “the full blessings of American life.” Just like any elderly person, he is stating that America, who is old, gives “blessings” to the people living there. This shows how using personification, he is bringing the problem in depth and trying to convince the people that bringing equality for the African Americans is the right way for America to evolve and become a greater nation. He wants to bring in the light that equalities do matter, and it affects the smaller minorities in such a harmful way that it feels wrong for them to just to take advantage. In retrospect, Johnson wants to take advantage of the African American civil rights movement and to take in part to make the world a better place to live in. During his speech, he uses the African American movement to smooth his speech out. He says,”And we shall overcome.” This illusion depicts that the incorporation of the African American speech and a white’s speech could lead to a new change in society and help change the world to help others in equal freedom and rights. It also ties into the fact that this speech could chronologically end with the Freedom movement acts passing and be one of the last things to go down in history. It helps form the paragraph in telling the people that this will bring the United States together and build an unified feeling and
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