Lyndon B Johnson Ineffective

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Lyndon B. Johnson was a very effective president. He wasn’t given an easy America to deal with, he was forced into the Vietnam problem. He had the same views as FDR. He was able to get stuff passed that FDR couldn’t, due to World War 2. He signed the Civil Rights Act and a tax cut, into law, that Kennedy couldn’t pass before his death. His administration was able to pass Medicare which helped a lot of elderly people, pass more than 50 education bills, fight poverty, and pushed for prevention and control for crime. His Great Society was a huge success, he was able to get make great improvements in civil rights, battling poverty, education, health, and welfare. He was able to pass Voting Rights Act of 1965, which got rid of tests, and poll…show more content…
This involved creating jobs for many people. He even expanded the Food Stamp Program. He had what it took to, as well the vision, to help the American people. Jimmy Carter was an ineffective president for many reasons. He came into office at a time where the government was viewed as corrupted due to the previous presidents, such as Ford and Nixon. Carter came into office wanting to fix this point of view of the government and bring America back to the top. He failed miserably. He wanted to make politics more transparent and he wanted to control everything he could. He expected for congress to help him with this. This made things less effective and slowed down the government. Legislation could not get passed, due to the fact hardly any compromises could be made. When it comes to foreign affairs, he promised one thing and gave another. His actions caused Iran caused the US embassy to be over ran and Americans were taken hostage for 444 days. He did try to use force to get them back, unfortunately it ended up killing many of the Americans. This did not help the world’s view on America, it made them seem weak. As this was happening the Soviet Union was gaining power, they were slowly taking over countries, making them seem stronger than
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