Lyndon B Johnson Persuasive Speech

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“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose” – Lyndon B. Johnson (,© 2001-2017 STANDS4 LLC). Johnson strived to make tomorrow great for America by passing many laws that is still effective today. Lyndon Baine Johnson was born on August 27, 1908 in Stonewall, Texas. He grew up with a loving Mother and father. His father struggled providing for Johnson and his siblings because he lost a great abundance of money trading cotton. His mother stayed home to teach him and his siblings. He later went to Southwest State Teachers College in San Marcos, Texas with a Bachelor degree. After college, he combined his studies teaching Mexican American children. In 1931 Johnson went to D.C. To work as a secretary or Richard Kleberg. He was very humors, powerful, and had a huge ego so his talent for attracting affection and respect was shown. He was later el Ted speaker of the “little congress” as an assembly of congress.(, network 2009). He legates in the politician world and made his way to be Vice President of John F.…show more content…
Johnson’s works improved and effected the U.S. Remarkably. He influenced domestic affairs and passed many laws for the benefits of this country. He supported the equality of men and racism. He was able to assume responsibilities in the midst of extreme times and troubles. Lyndon B. Johnson took the place of JFK and served a phenomenal term. First, Lyndon B. Johnson’s domestic affairs in the U.S. influenced many lives. He passed many laws that changed America for good such as: The Voting Right Act, Medicare, Federal Aid, and education for homeless children. He also passed Food Stamp, national public radio and broadcast, and The Civil Right Act (, copyroght 2017). He was loved by many because he showed care for his people. His effort to pass these laws was done with passion. All the laws Johnson changed the mood and environment for the good of the U.S. (, copyright
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