Lyndon B Johnson's Speech Analysis

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Essay In 1964 at the University of Michigan President Lyndon B Johnson had a speech addressed to the graduation class. He spoke of the turning America into the Great Society he knew it can become. President Johnson spoke of liberty for all, improving education, and much more. In today’s time we can judge how each individual has liberty, and we can see how far our education has improved to see if President Johnson’s vision has developed in today's society. During President Johnson's speech he talks of the Great Society and what it is. He calls it the perfect society and to achieve this perfection some standards needed to be accomplished. One of these standards he mentions and possibly the most important one is the idea that each person…show more content…
He says “ More than 100,000 High School graduates with proved, ability do not enter college because they cannot afford it… Se we must give each child a place to sit and a teacher to learn from.”(Source A) President Johnson wants out education to do better because without a higher level of intelligence in our society it's almost impossible to have such a society he envisioned. If we look at today's education it may seem improved which it is compared to his time, but if we look closer we have stagnated our growth. In (Source F) it shows SAT scores and how they have been changing over the last 8 years. In 2006 the critical reading scores were at 503 now in 2013 the scores have steadily declined from 503 to 496. Math has gone from 518 in 2006 to 514 in 2013 and lastly in writing it has gone from 497 to 488. All three major subjects of education have steadily declined over the years. We have only gone farther away from our goal to a Great Society. President Johnson spoke of liberty for all, improving education, and much more in his famous speech at the University of Michigan. As of today we can only look back at this speech and see how far we have come to achieve his goals he set out. America has had its up and downs in all aspects of his speech and some may say America is on the rise and others will say it's on the decline. One thing is

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