Lyne Pitts Reflection

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Sometimes just going to class and having lecture can become a dreaded routine for college students. Those days where we can just step away for a moment and hear first hand what people in the industry deal with can become more valuable than just reading from a book. Lyne Pitts, television news journalist and now managing editor for The Root, visited the class in September. Our Broadcast Journalism II class also had the pleasure of meeting Anna-Lysa Gayle, Ashley Pulliam and Emmy Vicor, recent Howard graduates now pursuing their careers in the field. During the visit with Lyne Pitts, she gave some valuable information on the importance of being a good communicator and building relationships in this line of work. Aside from this, one of the things she said that mostly resonated with me was that hard work will get you there, but relationships get you further. When I heard her say this, I had to stop and write it down. Thinking about it, this…show more content…
Actually being here now all I focus on is the struggle that I go through daily, but actually hearing that it was all meaningful assures me that everything I’m going through has a purpose. Ashley Pulliam shared with the class troubles she has encountered at her work place being a black, educated, female in this industry. There’s going to be people out there that try to put you down just because of who they assume you are. Having thick skin is going to get you through it all. Sometimes you have to let your talent speak for itself and let those who don’t believe in you see your worth. These words of wisdom our guest speakers have given us so far have really meant a lot to someone like me who is trying to get her start in the industry. Being able to take the things I learn in the classroom and apply them to the newsroom will make me an asset, as people will see the greatness in me. These guests are awesome, keep them
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