Lynelle Cantwell Bully

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Attacking Cruelty and Viral Reaction almost instant Have you been bullied before? Does it hurt a lot? The social media are the main target for getting hurt. Many young teenagers have been over emotional with each other by posting really awful mean comments to each other’s on social media. For example, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Being bullied on social media hurts so many young teenagers in this generation. But, Lynelle Cantwell is different from among teenagers. A girl named Lynelle Cantwell have been bullied in high school. With the really awful rude comments on social media. But, Lynelle Cantwell overcome with problems and this how she did. Jim Carlyle, in the Toronto Star, a Staff Reporter reports a teen from Newfoundland found her name on a website that post random subjects called “who is prettier or ugly”. Lynelle was with her friends in math class at Holy Trinity Regional High School in Newfoundland. Two of her friends were talking about a website called "website" They were talking about polls or post. The polls is about "who is the prettiest girls or who ugliest girl in grade 12”. Lynelle asked "who is the ugliest girl" and it was her. Lynelle was in fourth place. She was shock and hurt. After, that Lynelle didn’t focus in school or even her classes. Lynelle Cantwell is a responsible, compassionate and mature young woman. She was on the top of her school work and she did many volunteer work. Meanwhile, Lynelle took two hours to decide what she is going to do. She just remember what her teachers had said to her before, and his is what her teacher had said to her “whatever you 're…show more content…
It 's hurts to be bullied as a teenager. Today, many young teens use social media to hurt each other. But, Lynelle had done a mature way by just being herself. She was strong and everyone was proud of her. Lynelle is a perfect example to other’s that who been bullied on social media. Don 't ever use your anger on social media. You might hurt someone feeling and
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