Lynette Woodard Research Paper

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Lynette Woodard was born on August 12, 1959. To her mother and father in Wichita Kansas. She instantly became interested in Basketball when she was a young girl, this is because of her older brother who would make her practice her shots with a stuffed sock. As Lynette grew older, she started to realize that men and women were not treated fairly, but her fondness of basketball was growing stronger. She practiced nonstop, even though people told her she would never make a team. Year after year, Lynette would get better and better in basketball. She soon was shooting like a pro and would always go to the court when she got home. She never realized she would make history. After she graduated college she traveled to Europe. She played in the Italian Women’s league for two years. She led her team in scoring. She won an Olympic Gold medal, but she worried that she would not get a professional career in basketball and went back to Kansas to get a career at her old school as a basketball coach.…show more content…
Many people attacked her for what she did. Although, others thought she was brave and strong. Nonetheless, she made history on this day! Lynette Woodard is still healthy and alive. She is doing her best and foremost to share her story and train young girls of all races to play basketball. Lynette’s impact on society has been revolutionary and inspired people everywhere to take a stand and do what they love, no matter what everyone else says. She has taught us a good lesson to never give
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