Lynn Simonson

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Lynn Simonson is an internationally respected educator of jazz dance and is the creator of the Simonson Technique which is an organic approach to movement that prepares the body to dance in a way that is anatomically intelligent and somatically aware. Lynn was born in Los Angeles on April 24, 1943, to her parents Henry and Louise Simonson. When Lynn was 8 years old, she moved with her family to Seattle, Washington where her father joined the Seattle Symphony Orchestra where he played the violin and her mother opened a dance studio. This is where she began to get ballet training from dancers who used to be part of Diaghllev and Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. When she was 13 years old, she began to teach dance in her mother’s studio where she got introduced to jazz and then went on to be hired as a singer and dancer for Equity stock musicals. After these few years, Lynn arrived in NYC when she was 18 and studied at the American Ballet Theater School and got hired as a…show more content…
Since 2005, Lynn has been living and working on the west coast, where twice yearly, she travels to New York City to to direct “Simonson Method of Teacher Training” for Dance New Amsterdam. Simonson also leads teacher workshops around the country. She also has developed a senior seated yoga class in which she teaches regularly in senior centers, assisted living homes, and hospitals. Lynn has received awards from American Dance Guild, National Dance Educators of America, Dance Magazine, and National Dance Association of USA. She was also honored for lifetime achievement in dance by Encore International Festival in 2003, Boston Youth Moves in 2004, and Dance New Amsterdam in 2005. Lynn Simonson is still alive today, choreographing and directing all over the world. Through her dance, you can see her love for it by the way she teaches and the programs she has put together. By putting these programs together, it has helped her to reach out to people and be able to show them and share with them her love of
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