Analysis Of The Lyon Empire

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What is the Lyon Empire?
Ever wondered what the big fuss about Empire is? This new television show premiered on Fox has captured hearts and the eyes of many. Written by Lee Daniels, Empire is America’s best show on television starring the biggest actors in today’s entertainment. Nick Venable says, “Empire is just breaking its on records” in a previous review. The main character Lucious Lyon, acted by Terrence Howard, is diagnosed with ALS that leaves Lucious with three years left of life where he must pick one of his sons to run his major record label, Empire. Another main character Cookie, acted by actress Taraji P. Henson, is released from jail and ready to reclaim what was rightfully hers which is Empire. Lee Daniels and music producer Timbaland, makes this show filled with drama, heart-felt music, and a twisted plot that will only be understandable by watching Empire from season one.
When Empire was first advertised on television, it back the big talk of many people wanting to watch it, and how “good” is was going to be. The commercials showed dramatic scenes and played music that was relatable to the audience. Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard were the major stars of this continuing series. The chemistry and hate amongst each other 's characters give the audience something to laugh at. Timbaland uses upbeat and old school R&B
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With this character coming out, it cause wonder and curiosity on what else is going to be revealed in a single episode. Each episode has its own message and story to tell the audience. The messages are told through the music. When Jussie Smollet’s charcter revealed his sexuallity, he sung a song called You’re so Beautiful which says that it does not matter whether it’s a female or male, and what size that person is, that they are always

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