Lysandra's Poem Analysis

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In the short story “Lysandra’s Poem”, by Budge Wilson, Lysandra is justified in taking revenge on Elaine. This is because Elaine was never a good friend to begin with. Elaine mentions that Lysandra was always made fun of as a child, being given the nickname “Pigeon-Toed Cochrane”. Elaine had never stood up for Lysandra, not even once. If they truly were best friends, Elaine would have tried to stand up for Lysandra. Furthermore, when Lysandra spends most of her time writing her poem for the contest, Elaine states that she hangs out with her other friends because Lysandra is “of no use at all” to her. Additionally, Elaine disregards Lysandra’s feelings toward the contest. Knowing that Lysandra was passionate about poetry, Elaine calls the contest
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