Lysistrata Gender Roles

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The challenges women have been struggling with for centuries has been the aspect of social reality, that once a woman gets married she is to be housewives and take care of the children and the necessity of the house whole as well as her husband’s needs. In addition, a woman does not get involve in social and political affairs, this isn’t there place. This is how society as well as men have perceive women to be for over centuries. In the excerpt above taken from “Lysistrata”, the author sheds light on the way men view women as socially inferior to themselves. For example, the author uses the phase “shiver me timber”, here the author uses words of surprise and annoyance in order to emphasize the way men felt about women when they deviated from the morn of society. For in the time the play “Lysistrata” was written, men only saw women as objects of their pleasure. Men believed that women didn’t consist the ability to contribute much to society because of their lack of intelligence, at least this was what men thought. Men objectify women as nothing but a body to get pleasure from. We see this expressed many times in…show more content…
The men fighting the war no longer knew what they were fighting for but they continue the fight because that’s all they have known for generations. By seizing Athena’s statue and occupying the sacred hill, men were afraid and confuse by the actions the women took because they never expected it. The women seized Athena’s statute because that’s where the money used in funding the war is kept, so the women seized it. The women also made a pact, both Spartan women and Athena women, the pact was they wouldn’t have sex with their husbands until they made peace and ended the war. The fact that women of this time could invent a scheme on this scale was surprising because men didn’t think they were intelligent enough to think

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