M Kya Case Study

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M 'Kya stated that a few stop after the Anacostia Station, Mr. Denny got on the bus and started yelling at M 'Kya for refusing to get off the bus. M 'Kya stated that Mr. Denny approached where she was sitting, grabbed her bookbag 's strap and told her to get off the bus. M 'Kya stated that she refused to get off the bus and still talking to her mother on the cellular phone. M 'Kya stated that she had her headphone on and holding her cellular phone with her hands. M 'Kya further stated that Mr. Denny got really upset, pressed her face to the glass with his left elbow and attempt to garb her cellular phone. M 'Kya stated she was wresting with her father over the phone unitl the bus stopped and more passengers got on the bus.

M 'Kya stated that
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