M25 Rapist Case Essay

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The M25 rapist was a serial rapist, who was found guilty of 10 rapes over a thirteen-month period along the M25 in England. The rapist raped females in an age range spanning from ten to fifty-two (Real Crime). The Detective Chief Inspector, Colin Murray stated this statement after the case was over, “This was one of the most harrowing and complex cases of my thirty-year career as an investigator. The actions of this evil man not only impacted on his victims destroying their lives, but also on the wider communities. Parents were afraid to let their young children out of their sight and many disrupted their daily routines to ensure they escorted their kids to and from school,” (KFS 2). The M25 rapist case began in Ashford, Kent, on November 2001, when a ten-year-old girl was raped. She was kidnapped. This lead in a massive man hunt when DNA was recovered (KFS, 2). The investigators conducted a mass screen of over 2,000 males around the local area, but the results cam back inconclusive with no matches found. The next attack occurred eight months later on July, 2002 in Ealswood, Surrey. A thirty-year-old women was raped while on a wooden trail (Real Crime). The same day, the rapist raped two women. One woman was a twenty-six-year-old women in Putney Common, London. The second woman was fifty-two-year-old women in Wimbledon Common,…show more content…
In one instance he called the mother of the daughter and said “You know your daughter, t he blonde one, I just shagged her,” (Real Crime). They also would also look at his phone records to see where he was at the time of the rapes. When they looked at the records they saw that it placed him in the same areas as the time of the rapes. They also did this with his bankcard. They looked at where he made purchases at the time of the rapes and found they were right in the area that the rapes were occurring (Elvidge,
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