MBA Degree In Business Administration

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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”- John F. Kennedy
I firmly believe that learning incites us and push ourselves into finding what really lies at the outer reaches of our abilities like leadership. I foresee my career moving in the direction of business, initially from as a business executive perspective and ultimately towards a leadership role within a multinational company where I can actually make a difference. It is true that Globalization rules today’s business world and has led firms to market beyond the borders of their home countries making International Business a highly significant and integral part of firms. Also it is true that many of us neglect the acquisition of language skills, marketing techniques, knowledge
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I am sure that the experience which I have gained from my life especially on the job has thoroughly prepared me for the demands and challenges that I would be presented with while undertaking studies in the MBA program at your institution.

I hail from a simple Indian middle class family. My parents are government servants who have worked really hard all through their lives to make me who I am today. I inherit my morals, values and humble nature from them. I have learned from them that hard work is the key to success. And this belief has actually proved to be a major reason for me to sustain in this competitive world. I had developed a keen interest in business field as soon as I started pursuing my Bachelors in Business Administration from IP University, New Delhi and by the time I finished by bachelors, I had become more focused towards my career in business world with an unique outlook towards international business all over the world and therefore went on to work with leading product based organizations. Professionally I would say that I have been fortunate enough as
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Also I have realized that in future I aspire to hold a managerial role in a multinational business organization; achieving this goal, however, needs that I have an international education and I develop a more globalized viewpoint. After finishing the MBA program, I expect to have acquired substantial management and business administration expertise. Moreover running a successful business requires constantly improving quality on both the individual and business levels and in the future, I hope to see myself become a business project manager, a role which demands excellent organizational, planning, and communication skills. If I want to achieve this goal, I must continue to improve my knowledge and experience in analysis, communication, organization and teamwork. I strongly feel that the MBA program offered by your institution is ideal for developing these skills to help me prepare for a leadership role which I aspire in near future. I am confident that I am well-prepared to meet the demands of your program, and I greatly appreciate your
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