Social Class: The Philosophy Of MBBS

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Philosophy of MBBS In MBBS, a current prevailing market price is Singapore dollar value, and the other price is the bond value. The bond value is a subsidized price, with an average discount of 40% to 60% compared to the prevailing market price. The price of a bond will vary between three and five bonds per dollars, depending on the amount purchased, time of purchase, or whether they are purchased under special registration rules (up to five bonds per dollars during the whole year, depending on the type of registration). These bonds will reduce the cost of production by at least 40%, which will reduce the cost of living. This reduced price will not be below the actual cost of a good or service and will carry at least a 10% mark-up on the cost price provided by the government. In MBBS, it is possible for…show more content…
In effect, the scheme asks businesses and consumers to help the government, and it encourages people to use this system by offering lower prices for goods and services. MBBS is attractive to consumers because it appeals to people’s desire to find the best deal for a good or service. MBBS Economic Appeal In MBBS, there is no statutory obligation to buy bonds. The scheme relies entirely on the basic human instinct of getting the best deal. Unlike Singapore’s current indirect tax system, MBBS will attract people because it offers guaranteed discounts on goods and services. The lower prices available with MBBS bonds will attract at least 25% of the population. In addition, it will attract consumers because they will pay a higher price (present price) without bonds. MBBS will eventually attract enough participants to enable Singapore to eliminate its current indirect tax system. In addition, because bonds will be bought at the start of a financial year, the government will know exactly how much money it will have to fulfill its obligations during the

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