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Clinical medicine and science are inherently inseparable entities. Scientific advances and discoveries will perpetually influence any career in the medical profession. This was an idea I learned early on during my undergraduate education. However, my own interest in science spans further than using it as a means to an end. The process of developing theories and conducting experiments enthralls me. I not only strive to apply scientific findings to treat my future patients, but also hope to gain inspiration from my patients to advance scientific knowledge. I believe the ideal way to apply my interests, and to best serve my community, is as a physician-scientist. The MD Anderson 1st Year Medical Student Program would offer me the opportunities …show more content…

His role as an oncologist has profoundly influenced the manner in which I plan to practice medicine in the future: with respect, compassion, and empathy for my patients. It was my observation of his interactions with cancer surviving patients that first inspired me to pursue medicine. These interactions inspired me not only to embark on a profession where I could serve others, but also make a difference in the lives of others. I believe I can make the biggest impact in the lives of my future patients by combining my passion for the clinic and science as a physician-scientist. Though I am early in my medical journey, and am willing to keep an open mind, it is only natural that I yearn to pursue a profession related to oncology. Unsurprisingly, MD Anderson being one of the best cancer hospitals in the world has drawn me towards the 1st Year Medical Student Program. The prospect of being a part of the bleeding edge of scientific discovery in the world of cancer research is captivating to me. Combating cancer through scientific research at MD Anderson that may one day benefit my future patients would be an unforgettable experience. In addition, the clinical opportunities offered by the 1st Year Medical Student Program would allow me to interface with some of the best clinicians in the world. I hope to cultivate my knowledge under their mentorship so that I may become a better physician for my …show more content…

Participation in the MD Anderson 1st Year Medical Student Program would provide a research based experience that would catalyze my goals for the future. Investigations with results that could prove practical towards my patients at the bedside are of great interest to me. This has sparked my attention towards translational medicine as a promising area of investigation. I believe the field of radiomics in particular has tremendous potential for clinical applications in direct patient care, especially in the field of oncology. Radiomics lies at the juncture of what I believe to be extremely exciting science in the coming future of personalized medicine. This is what prompted me to approach Dr. Rivka Colen (desired mentor), of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, to conduct research in her lab. An interplay between research and clinical treatment such as the way Dr. Colen implements will be one of the grounds that I intend to structure my own practice around. The MD Anderson 1st Year Medical Student Program would help me achieve the first steps towards conducting research in my career as a physician-scientist. After this research experience, I hope to have a better understanding of my place in the world of

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