MDPD Case Study

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The Miami Dade Police depart is currently preparing for the Democratic-Republican National Convention. With proper research, training and an open mind individuals the MDPD can properly plan and execute the DRNC. The actions that should be taken to encourage new ideas from the front line officers in the department to improve crowd control tactics is collaborating with other government agencies and real like scenario training.
Major Louis Warren should contact different government agencies such as (FBI,CIA ,Sercet Services) to collaborate and help generate new ideas for the front line officers. The other government agencies can help train the MDPD to make them prepared for the DRNC conference and other similar mainstream events. Collaborating with different government agencies will educate the MDPD and help generate new ideas and tactics that the PD does usually use.
The final thing that needs to be done is live trainings. The MDPD front line officers need to be places
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When new tactics are presented and seem logical and well thought out tactics should be tested on smaller controllable crowds. This way the MDPD are able to measure how effective the idea/tactic is. Testing the tactic out at a small event will allow the team to see if the tactic will allow the front line officers to control the crown, and the pitfalls of the tactic. To add, testing on a small crown before using the tactic on a big mainstream event can prevent a major crisis.
Since people are becoming wiser and new technology is being invented. The MDPD should create a team where their sole purpose is to create and research new idea to help enhance the Miami Dade Police Department. This team will keep the employees aware of the new trends for rioters/criminals and current police tactics used. The knowledge behind what is going on in the streets is important to keep the MDPD safe and beneficial to the
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