MFS Investment Management Case Study

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MFS Investment Management an American-based global investment manager was established in 1924 by L. Sherman Adams, Charles H. Learoyd and Ashton L. Carr. Massachusetts Investor Trust was the company’s oldest fund; created at the company’s inception with $50,000 was the world’s first open-ended investment fund. MFS used "brokerage channels" in order to market its shares to the public, which later expanded to $14 million in assets. During the stock market crash of 1929 MFS survived an 83% loss. In 1959 Massachusetts Investors Trust funds become the largest mutual fund in the United States.
Additionally, in 1969 MIT was reorganized as Massachusetts Financial Services (MFS) in order to reflect the firm 's products and services. Continuingly,
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From 2010 until today, assets under management have increased from $253 billion to more than $413 billion.
MFS was titled as Equity Manager of the Year by Global Pensions magazine in 2010. It received the Lipper Fund Award in 2011 for Best Overall Large Company. MFS was recognized as the Best Specialist Equity Fund House by Morningstar UK in 2013, and in 2014 Barron 's named MFS among the "Best Mutual Fund Families", based on its investment result and management
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MFS can invest in the stock of NVR Incorporated (NYSE:NVR) company. NVR is an American mortgage and homebuilding company which was founded in 1980 in Reston, Virginia. The stock price of this company is almost $1,040.86 that is in the list of most expensive stocks and thus MFS can gain higher profit, because high risk, higher the return.
In addition, MFS should invest in Priceline Group Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLN), it is the largest online travel agent in the US. The share/stock price of this incorporation is $1,263 and it competes with Apple, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon and Expedia.
Volatility Analysis
MFS fund has shown a relatively adequate range of price fluctuations comparing to other investments in the past. MFS may experience larger or smaller price declines or increases depending on market conditions. Some of these risks may be offset by possessing other investments with different investment strategies or portfolio makeups.
Principal Risks
As with any mutual fund, the fund may not achieve its objective and people could lose money on their investment in the fund. The principal risks of investing in the MFS

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