Business Case Study: MGM Resorts International

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In today’s hospitality competition reached critical levels, as more and more successful organizations appear, each offering a more unique and innovative service for its customers. Therefore hospitality companies are on a constant struggle and focus on improving the existing service, or even developing new services that could better appeal to their targeted customers. One of the prosperous companies that controls a large share of exquisite properties is MGM Resorts International. In any resort or company, managers should be aware of their strengths; weaknesses, threats and opportunities in order to became better each year. Analyzing all this areas, will help the management team have a better idea how people see their places, …show more content…

Murren affirmed that he sees strong opportunities in the United Stated but he doesn’t exclude a better expansion internationally. He added “We have a non-gaming hospitality division that is currently in various stages of developing non-casino hotels in major cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi; Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, and many others in China; and through- out Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, but most of our cash flows come from the U.S. and we’re focused on U.S. and North American opportunities” (“Investing in Human Assets”, 2013). The chief executive is aware of the opportunities in Canada, so for the future he wants to open a resort in Toronto since people there became more interested in all inclusive packages, casino’s and entertainment. The 2014 strategies of MGM Resorts International concentrates on the following: operating all resorts in a manner that accentuates the delivery of excellent customer service while amplifying revenue and profit, maintaining and strategically investing in a strong portfolio of resorts, leveraging the strong brands and taking advantage of substantial management experience and expertise and increasing brand awareness and client loyalty through M Life (“2012 MGM Annual Report”, …show more content…

Facebook is used by MGM in order to provide latest news, campaigns, charities, community service activities or show schedules of spectacles in different locations. Their Facebook page is definitely a good way to stay in touch with clients and to show them the different activities and options they have in their hotels/resorts. On the Twitter page, the company is concentrating more on the entertainment part, keeping people up with upcoming festivals or activities within their locations. Both socializing networks are very important for MGM since this is where they can receive comments and feedbacks about their operations. In the same time, keeping people up with your new events will definitely attract them to come and give a try. From another perspective we have to remember that sending emails is a perfect direct way to reach your clients. Many people nowadays open their email box instead of the newspaper and read their messages. Providing awareness of the upcoming shows, promotions and activities will help the company get a bigger number of guests visiting the locations. YouTube is eventually getting a lot of users lastly, so providing good images or videos on the website, can make a difference when a client is choosing between your hotel or the competitors’. The personal website should also be one of your biggest assets. An easy, accessible, elegant page will

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