MK-Ultra Experimentation

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Mental patients. Heroin addicts. Prostitutes. All given extreme doses of LSD and mentally scarred in CIA experiments classified as MK-Ultra.

Senator Edward Kennedy made outrageous claims against the CIA in a trial on August 3, 1977. He proved that the CIA used victims such as the mentally ill and heroin addicts for human experimentation in their project on mind control, MK-Ultra.

“The Central Intelligence Agency drugged American citizens without their knowledge or consent.” states Senator Kennedy in the MK-Ultra trial.

Some experimented on in MK-Ultra were given doses of lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD. The properties of LSD were not well known at the time of MK-Ultra experimentation.
MK-Ultra victims were unable to remember the experimentation performed on them until years after the project ended. Some of those
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To the CIA, it was important to keep MK-Ultra secret. Scientists were willing to kill any victim who remembered MK-Ultra experimentation. Susan Ford came close to remembering project MK-Ultra and in 1987 she was programmed to ride into a tree while horse riding. She was injured but survived the crash. Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono, who were experimented on in MK-Ultra, were programmed to ski into trees and died as a result.

Ford states, “…I was programmed to have an accident if I became dangerously close to remembering…”

The CIA claims that they currently do not take part in projects such as MK-Ultra. “…the events about which we are here to talk about are 12- to 24- years old. They in no way represent the current activities or policies of the Central Intelligence Agency.” says Admiral Turner, the director of the CIA at the time of the MK-Ultra Trial.

MK-Ultra victims are beginning to remember and recover from the experimentation. Ford is well known among the community of victims. She receives letters and calls from recovering people.

Ford says, “I quietly validate them and they go off and heal knowing they are not
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