MLK Reflection Essay

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This past year, I was given the opportunity to attend the Black and Latino Male Summit held annually at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. The theme of the summit was “Affirming Our Legacy to Influence Future Efforts”, but that only left me with a question. Now as one of the millions of young African American men out there, how was I supposed to have an impact on a future that wasn’t even my own. That question rang through my mind throughout whole day. But what really gave me a better picture was the last workshop where I heard a line that I’ll never forget, “your college degree isn’t just for you . . . it’s also for those who come after you.” That line told me that I needed to become, not only the best student, but the best person I could be, so I can set an example for others and be in the…show more content…
This is a day where students honor Dr. King 's legacy by turning community concerns into citizen action through volunteer work. The MLK challenge brings together students who might not ordinarily meet and breaks down barriers that have divided us a nation. I had the opportunity to plan out some of the volunteer work the students would be doing to embrace MLK’s dream and plan the ceremonies that would honor the volunteer’s hard work. Also, I helped organize Truman State’s first Social Justice Leadership Summit. The idea for the summit was to give students the skills needed to create change in their community. In addition, various workshops were held to help students be more culturally aware and sensitive to those different than them. You’re probably wondering how planning those events helped me grow and allowed me to set example for the upcoming generation. Well, they taught me that being different is a good thing. And something that I want to let those who come after me know is that, learning from people who are different than you can lead to growth, empowerment, and
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