MN502: Theoretical Foundations Of Advanced Nursing

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Discussion Board: Unit 9/Topic 1
Britton Lerch
Due Date: October 17, 2015
Kaplan University
MN502: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing
Dr. Phelps
My personal values and beliefs on nursing, health, environment, and patient care delivery is that they all affect each other. It is great that within our technology advanced society we have the ability to communicate globally and to develop theoretical works among many nursing scholars from around the globe to collaborate about the development of nursing science (Alligood, 2014). A big part of nursing involves education and transitions by guiding patients and family members with ongoing supports.
My specialty is geriatrics and I have had some experience in oncology. One theory I find important in my practice is the Peaceful-End-of-Life Theory. Managing end of life care can be difficult for families to comprehend. Hodo and Buller (2012) state, “Care
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For example, for a peaceful end of life experience, the environment can include music therapy that, according to O 'kelly and Koffman (2007) is relaxing, capable of supporting the patient and family, as well as, lifting the atmosphere of staff members. The nurse can also address the health concept of this theory; for example, although someone who is in the stages of their end of life, the nurse should address mental health. The end of life process can be a terrifying experience for some; the nurse can provide interventions both non-pharmacological and pharmacological to assure the patient is free from anxiety. This theory is congruent with my own values and beliefs in that it addresses the four important components of a peaceful end of life process addressing freedom from pain, the experience of comfort, dignity and respect, being at peace, and experiencing closeness of loved ones (Alligood,

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