MRI II Assignment

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Technology of MRI II Assignment
Part 1: Evaluate the design characteristics of your Magnetic Resonance Imaging department
Part 2: Describe the methodology and critically evaluate the results for TWO specified quality assurance (QA) tests you have undertaken on your MRI scanner.

Part 1: Introduction

MRI is considered the gold standard for the diagnosis of many different pathologies. With an increase in the aging population there has also been a drastic increase in the demand of diagnostic imaging to aid diagnosis. In the authors experience, there appears to be a patient preference towards MRI as it does not use ionising radiation to obtain its images, therefore, in the public eye it is much safer than CT and X-ray. At this moment in time there are no known biological effects to those who come in contact with the static magnetic field. Little do the public and many healthcare workers know the injuries that can occur if MRI safety is not adhered to. Due to previous injuries and bereavements involving the MRI scanner, the American College of Radiology formed a Blue Ribbon Panel of MRI safety in 2001. The first job of this panel was to review safety guidelines and procedures already
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This door is locked at all times and the key is kept in zone 3 to prevent general access from the public. In the control room there is emergency quench button. This should only be pressed in extreme emergency as it can be potentially hazardous. The helium evacuates the scanner through a pipe leading to the rooftop where no member of the public or MR personnel are present. Also present in the control area is a security monitor which shows if someone is trying to enter or entering zone 3 from zone 2. At this moment in time this visual information is unavailable and provides a potential

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