MS Degree In Computer Science

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Right from my childhood I was fascinated by the upcoming technology. I felt it challenging to analyse how the technology in this computer world is influencing the human life. My fascination for technology and computers was carried in my school and college life. While working for some basic things like paint, preparing presentations and playing games on computers happened as a fun exercise during school days. Later I have concentrated little more on coding and solved many arithmetic and logical problems leads me to gain some knowledge on technology.
The understanding and innovation of technologies that matter to human life improvement were the two driving forces that inspired me to choose Engineering as my stream in my Bachelor’s degree. I was enthusiastic about pursuing a degree in the field of Computer Science owing to the rapid development of Software and Information Systems that took the IT world by a storm. This fever drove me to choose Computer Science
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I am confident that my academic records, practical knowledge, determination and zeal towards computer science will help me pursue master’s degree in your university. I hold a strong belief that your university with its great infrastructure and expert faculty, with whom I hope to have valuable interaction throughout and the course work will pillar me in accomplishment of my goal and add up to my prospect. It is important that I do my Master’s programme study in a stimulating and challenging academic environment so I am very sure in choosing your university. I wish to be considered for admission to the M.S. program in Computer Science at the University. I assure you that I would keep my outlook during the course. I look forward to prove myself and make a really worthy contribution to the
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