13 Project Management Plan

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Under the Monrovia Ultra-Modern Market (MUMM) the Project Manager will be responsible for the oversight and supervision for all procurement related activities. For a successful end of the MUMM project the Project Manager will coordinate with the team to identify items to be procured. The office of the Project Management will review the list of items to be procured and further submit to the supply chain department. Supply chain than review the listing of items to be procured and coordinate with the program team to begin the procurement processes.

13.1 The below table demonstrate goods and services that are crucial to the successful completion of the MUMM project. The list in the table will be reviewed by the
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Goods and services procured will be done under fixed-price contract Request for Quotation (RFQ). The project team will work closely with the supply chain department to give actual specification of goods and services and expected date of delivery. The supply chain department will request for bids from vendor/supplies.
The PM along with team and supply chain department will meet to decide on the category of procurement to meet project needs. The supply chain department is required to confirm all the prerequisites are met. The RFQ form as should be completed with all relevant information. The supply chain department may insert additional rows for other criteria such as discounts, warranty, after sales etc. if required. All procurement documents will be submitted for review by the team. The final approval will be done by the head of office.
13.3 Procurement Risks
Potential risk are sometimes associated with procurement processes however they must be managed in procurement activities carry some potential for risk which must be managed in harmony with risk management for the project. Below are some risk linked with procurement to
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The donor will be included in project meetings because it is a sensitive issue and will rise up any issues related to procurement. Relationship between all parties is vital to the project procurement plan.
13.5 Decision Criteria
The below decision criteria in the selection and awarding of procurement contracts in line with the UMM project will be as follows:
 supplies/vendor capacity to deliver goods and services as per the require date or delivery
 supplies/vendor capacity to deliver quality goods and services
 supplier/vendor should have and maintain excellent performance in the past
The supply chain department and the PM will considered the above decision criteria and finally decide
13.6 Supplies/Vendor Management
It is the responsibility of the project manager (PM) to manager supplies /vendor. Meetings will be held with the supply chain department to follow up and the status of procurement and when necessary this will include supplies /vendor. This meeting will surround the discussion on goods and services specification and quality. The PM will be in-charge to schedule this
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