MUSIC Mnemonic Lesson Analysis

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Within my lesson I will utilize many aspects of the “MUSIC” mnemonic, also known as empowering students, fostering success, stimulating interest, and showing and promoting care in my lesson, to help students be successful in the classroom. My lesson will empower my students because they will feel as though they have a sense of control within the lesson. For example, within the lesson, the students will be able to make choices about the Decision Making Hierarchy chart and the two-page essay. The students can decide for themselves what types of concepts they want to discuss on the essay, and they can also decide what types of alternative choices Victor Frankenstein could have made on the chart. Furthermore, the students can personally relate…show more content…
I recognize that self-efficacy, in general, is learners self-constructed judgement about his or her ability to reach goals. Within my lesson I will enhance self-efficacy by fostering an incremental mindset in the classroom. I will make certain that students understand that they can always improve their writing, reading, and comprehension skills. Additionally, I will constantly explain to the students throughout the lesson that the only aspect that matters is if they are completing their best work. Furthermore, I will explain that learning about the lesson and worrying about their own work, as opposed to others’ work, is the only aspect that matters. I believe I can focus students’ attention more on mastery goals by providing a comfortable environment where everyone believes that he or she can succeed, regardless if they learn differently from the person sitting next to them. I believe fostering mastery goals in the classroom is not an element I can nurture in just one lesson; I think I would need to begin implementing this concept at the start of the school year. Additionally, I will not use competition on the lesson because the students will be focusing more on their own personal work, and I think the challenges I present in the classroom can be easily accomplished if my students utilize a growth mindset and are intrinsically motivated to
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