MYP: Intertextual Analysis

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The original goal for my MYP was to research 5 different cultures and find similarities of the cultures and find the reasons why they are similar, but then I changed my project to research architecture in different areas, I picked 3 major areas with completely different architecture style and researched the different types of architectural type in that area and how the architecture changed over time in that area. I picked personal and cultural exploration as my global context. Picking this context changes the way I did my project before the global context, I didn 't have a plan on how I am going to present my project to an audience, but with the global context, I decided to make a poster as my display to help people understand my project and…show more content…
The 3 different areas I picked was Europe, India, and China. The reason why I picked Europe was that it had so many changes in the architecture in a very short period of time which resulted in many different architectural types. The reason I picked China was that it had so many Dynasties and each dynasty had something that affected the architecture. I picked India because India is filled with many different cultures. The final outcome of my project was a poster showing some architectural types I researched. The criteria I used was when someone reads my research about specific types of architecture they will have a good understanding of that kind of architecture. One way I knew if I am successful in my project was with the feedback from my peers. I would give them a summary of my research and my project and I will ask them to tell me what they think I should add to my project or what I should remove from my project. My final product turns out as I hoped but there are some things that I would have done differently. For example, I would have used more time to make my poster and also to do my research than taking more time to investigate and plan the project. Also, I would plan my project as I am doing it so I can save more time to do my actual research and make my…show more content…
Using the criteria helped while I was doing my research because with that criteria it helped keep my research simple so that the audience reads it they would understand what my project is about.

This project helped me understand the global context I picked, personal and cultural expression. Some of the things that helped get a better understanding of this global context are the research I did. I saw how different people and different cultures express their identity in many different ways and some of these methods are unique to their own culture. Also, I saw how people used architecture to express many things about culture, for example, religion and social hierarchy

One of the traits I developed from the learner profile is knowledgeable. Doing this research I learned so many things about different cultures, architecture, and any other skill. For example, I learned many ways to do research effectively. Also, another learner profile trait I improved was a communicator. I learned how to talk people and also ask people for help to my project. First I was afraid to talk to people that I researched different methods to overcome the fear and to talk to people. Now I am not very afraid to talk to
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