Maam Dada Short Story Analysis

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However, at the news of death of this Majam Dada, Daya feels paradoxical happiness to think that her Dada could ultimately surpass all banalities of earthly life through death and is able to forget the pain of starvation and pangs of looking on the faces of his hungry children. The narrator describes that her Majam dada is such an angel of true love and pure affection that he cannot forget Daya long after she comes and settles in India. In 1971 Dada sends a letter to her expressing his eagerness to see her face for once. He struggles four years to organize his travel money selling his favourite cows. Other members of her family suspect of his evil intention behind that visit. Daya lovingly buys a ‘lungy’ (lower part dress for Male) for him and gives forty rupees for his return journey. The exchange of heart of two human beings of very unequal age, social status and religious affiliation, decimates the atmosphere of disrespect and distrust that prevailed in Bengal just after the partition of the country. This loving relationship between Daya and her Majam Dada proves that love conquers everything in this world and a humanist approach increases the splendour of love by exercising human values. In an article titled “Samprodayic Samasyar Akdik” published in Desh, May,1946, Sri Nirmal Kumar Basu observed that though the Indian society on an average undergone a great change because of Muslim rule and later on for the British rule, the rural areas in Bengal and in some other

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