Maasai Tribe Essay

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The Maasai and Kikuyu are two, very different tribes from the East African countries, Tanzania and Kenya. Before reading this essay, some would probably think that they are very different, but if you are one of those people, I hope that after reading my essay, you will change your mind. What are the reasons for the differences between traditional Maasai and Kikuyu cultures? I would give a short introduction on both tribes, so people get a better idea of who they are and what you are talking about. Examples- Where they live, what kind of tribe they are (nomadic? Hunter-gatherers?) According to John Tyman, the Maasai people never live in the same house all their life. The Maasai build new houses all time, because they never stay in the same…show more content…
Their diet includes blood, milk, fat, honey, and tree bark. The meat 's that they eat are, beef, goat and mutton. The Maasai 's do not eat wild animals, chicken, fish, and salt, because it is forbidden. They sometimes drink warm cow 's blood, mixed with milk or wit bark soup. “For the Maasai warriors, it is common to eat meat, blood, and fat to gain more strength” ( While, the Kikuyu eat and grow a lot of their own, more healthy foods. These include, bananas, sugarcanes, arum lily, yams, beans, millet, maize, black beans, and several other vegetables. “They are a lot more healthy than the Maasai tribes” ( Among the Maasai tribes, the women do most of the work, and the men who own most of the lands and animals. Women have quite a lot of work to do. Such as, building houses, milk the cows, monitor the status of the cows, prepare the food, collect water, collect firewood, prepare the fire, wash and smoke calabashes before milking the cows, collect herbs and roots, wash clothes, and make decorative bead artwork for the family. What about the Kikuyu tribe? If you can not find any information then please choose a different
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