Mabel Fettucine: My Honest Words

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The poem “My Honest Words” by Mabel Fettucine is about a girl struggling to find herself in a crowd of others. She wants to be independent and not care what other people think. She can’t speak what she wants to say because of what other people would think of her. The author uses metaphors, similes, tone, shift in tone, and hyperboles to convey the idea that when people care what other people think, they are more likely not to be themselves. Fettuccine uses a hyperbole to show that the heart is a fragile and sensitive piece. In the quote she conveys the idea that the heart can be shot down by the weakest of hits. She say, “my heart shatters at the weakest of insults.” (Fettuccine 4). She is saying that people can be insecure and delicate. These words that they say can change the way she acts and it’s a struggle. She says that she can’t be who she wants to be and say the words she wants to say. All these thoughts and insults factor in and change who she is and wants to be and since she can’t do that she becomes sad, like she said in the poem. This hyperbole is able to help us visualize a heart…show more content…
Fettuccine suggests the idea that what other people think can change someone. People’s words can restrain other people to be who they want. She says, “I am chained to your expectations.” (Fettuccine 24). What she is saying is that people can be fearful of other people’s thoughts and what they think. They think so much about their image that they forget who they really are. They care about all the expectations other people think and push away what they really want. Everyone’s expectations are held to everyone that they change who people are. This metaphor also works to give us a visual of what it would be like to be physically chained by words. The reader can visualize a person bound by the hurtful words they heart. This technique is effective in creating sympathy in the reader as
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